Testing, testing, am I getting this website stuff even remotely right?

Funny. I take a few (well, okay, maybe 5) years off from the Corporate Marketing stuff, and here I am struggling to figure all of this out. It’s as if I’d never used content management systems before, never had a working knowledge of HTML, never handled websites stuff for, oh, I don’t know, maybe at least three places of employment. But in 5 years (and without the help of my beloved graphic designers and 24×7 IT support that was legit and budgets, sweeeeet budgets), my how things have changed! Here I thought I was giving myself a bit of a break, no biggie, focusing on the important writing like the novel and the short stories. And then, when I wasn’t even looking it caught me completely unawares. Am I a formal social media marketer turned Luddite here? This things been up for two days, and it’s a heinous scene. But, rest assured. It WILL get better.

Therefore, in case you couldn’t tell, Post#1 is the disclaimer. Hang in there. I feel your pain. But don’t go away, man. I have so much love to give.