LitReactor Class Seems Legit

I’ve been signed up for LitReactor’s newsletters for a while, but I’d never taken a class with them. Then I had another of my bad mornings (which happen often) where each sentence I write feels akin to torturing a robot. On these mornings, I struggle with how to put together good sentences and marvel at the fact that after 5 years of serious writing and an MFA I can still manage to write sentences that could’ve, should’ve been written by a 4th grader. Oftentimes I’ll need to crack open someone else’s beautifully written¬†book to remind myself how it’s done.

So on one of these mornings I get a notification about a class Craig Clevenger is teaching that is supposed to help with just this: the mechanics of writing good sentences. And even though I’m only one day in, this brilliant man has already posted four lectures that have blown my mind. And restated things I’d heard before in a way that was easier for me to process. Plus, it turns out that he hangs out with my former professor Rob Roberge, which makes him extra cool. If the next few weeks are as eye opening as this first day, hopefully I’ll banish these mornings, at least for a little while, anyway. And if I still keep writing like a 4th grader, at least I’ll know how to go back in and fix things later. Thanks, Craig and LitReactor!

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